The Black Death, Part 1

Today we have something a little different for you all. We are recording a series on the History of Pandemics on this podcast and this is the first of the series. We are starting in the Middle Ages with the Black Death. It just so happens that we’re fortunate enough to have a brilliant and thoughtful guide to take us on this journey. His name is Daniel Schmidt and he is an educator in Bournemouth, England. We hope you enjoy what is no doubt the result of many hours of research and hard work on Daniel’s part.

Research Cited

Major research was gained from the seminal book on the 14th century by Barbara Tuckman called A Distant Mirror. It’s dire, it’s hilarious and brings out the fact that Middle Ages people were just as crass, interesting, emotional and complicated as we are today. 

The book The Great Leveler is an amazing resource for delving into the complicated history of disease and calamitous social revolutions and upheavals. 

The book Epidemics and Society takes a long shadow view to look at the lasting social impacts of the Black Death and related diseases.

The Great Courses series called The Black Death: The World’s Most Devastating Plague will make you a mini mad scientist with its 24 lectures on everything from biological to commercial to religious aspects of the pandemic:


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