Episode One

This Episode is 30 minutes long, so we’re just going to call it a double episode bonus for our first release 😄. 

Tasci and January talk about what measures the Czech government is employing to minimize the spread of  COVOID-19 and what steps are being taken in other places in Europe and the US. We discuss different perspectives and cultural clash points that arise when an individualistic society is confronted with a problem that requires a collectivist solution. 

The Agatha Christie shows Tasci is binge-watching:

The main article we discuss on the UK response to the pandemic can be found here:

Tasci closes the show with a wonderful quote from Brenè Brown:

Surviving this crisis will take a shift in mindset, and that’s tougher than we think – especially when we’re afraid. Fear and anxiety can drive us to become very self-focused. This global pandemic is a real case of “getting sick together” or “staying well together.”  Our choices affect everyone around us. There is no such thing as “individual risk” or “individual wellness.” This is the ultimate reminder that we are inextricably connected to each other. Turning away from collective action right now – as tempting as it is – will only generate more pain. 

Owning and embracing our global interconnectedness (from a safe distance) and thinking about others as we make choices is, ironically, our only path to safety for ourselves and the people we love. 

We can all get really shitty really fast when we’re afraid. I get it. I’m using deep breaths along with my personal mantra: ” Try to be scared without being scary.” Feel free to borrow both – they can help.

Brenè Brown