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Pep Talks, Part One

In this episode we discuss updates to the theoretical end of quarantine, saving abandoned beer and being inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe’s 100 Days of Pep Talks to give ourselves some pep.  Stuff we mention Elise Blaha Cripe’s instagram account @elisejoy, her 100 days of Pep Talks free Printable is available in her instagram bio links: Read more →

Soap Is the Real MVP

In this episode we discuss the interesting history of washing your hands and the science behind why it works. We know, we know, everyone and their brother is lauding the virtues of hand-washing right now, but a few interesting facts and a little science can be fun! At least we hope so ;-). Read more →

Your Hopes Not Your Fears

Today we discuss a more personal topic; what words are inspiring us, be they in the form of poetry, prose, or wisdom from a quote.  Stuff we mention The Amazing Story Generator by Jay Sachar from Chronicle Books, January’s Selections It was her habit to build laughter out of inadequate materials. John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath I weigh the… Read more →

Casual Monday

Today we have a casual “Shoot the Sh!t” Episode which we are planning to become our regular Monday edition. We discuss Everything from National Puppy Day to enraged Italian Mayors to the fact that neither of us has seen/listened to Hamilton. (GASP! HORROR!). We also brag on some home-grown innovation that could save lives coming out of the Czech Republic right now. Hope you Enjoy! Read more →


Today we are joined from Lisbon, Portugal by Terra Milo, IT girl extraordinaire who teaches entrepreneurs how to become more tech savvy. She talks to us about the state of things from the other side of Europe as well as how we can stay connected with our friends and loved ones as all around the world we find ourselves more… Read more →

The Helpers

Today we talk about “the helpers,” a reference to the Fred Rogers Quote. We discuss what we think the Czechs are getting right and how we’re witnessing the country come together in really inspiring ways. We also talk about our favorite charities and free resources online. Read more →

Episode Four, Part Two

January and Tasci discuss the postapocolyptic trend in media consumption since the rapid spread of the virus began. Since we are both book lovers, we discuss some of our favorite books that might be a good distraction or even put a smile on your face. Read more →