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The Black Death, Part 2

Today we are continuing our series on the History of Pandemics. We are back in the Middle Ages  with the second part of the Black Death episode. We are so lucky to have our brilliant resident historian, Daniel Schmidt  to guide us and answer all our questions. If you missed part one we highly recommend you go back and listen… Read more →


In this episode Tasci and January discuss their language learning journeys and what it was like to go through a crisis in another language. Stuff we mention: Moment Of Calm: To have another language is to possess a second soul. Charlemagne Read more →

The Black Death, Part 1

Today we have something a little different for you all. We are recording a series on the History of Pandemics on this podcast and this is the first of the series. We are starting in the Middle Ages with the Black Death. It just so happens that we’re fortunate enough to have a brilliant and thoughtful guide to take us… Read more →

It’s Time to Change… Again

On today’s episode we are joined by returning guest Terra Milo who is currently residing in Portugal. We take a look back at our anxieties about entering into quarantine and now the anxiety of coming out. We explore the changes that we saw around us and discuss life going forwards.  Stuff we mention: Moment Of Calm: To everything There is… Read more →

Class of 2020

There is no doubt that the graduating class of 2020 will remember their commencement (or rather, a lack of one) for the rest of their lives as the year the whole world powered down and putting together TikTok coreo in between Zoom lectures was the highlight of the day. In this episode, we talk about the movement in the US… Read more →

The Pandemics of History

Today we talk to Daniel Schmidt, an American living and teaching history in the UK. From Quarantine has a plan to collaborate with Daniel on some bonus History of Pandemics episodes to be released throughout the spring and summer. This is an introduction to what we plan to cover. We’ll start with the Black Death and cover other famous breakouts… Read more →

But What If

Has your brain been exploding with all the speculation floating around about life after Covid? Ours too. With the infection numbers dwindling in our little corner of the world, the time has come for us to venture back out into the world with all the other humans. Tasci is going back to work, and January has big plans to ride… Read more →

How Vaccines Work

Our immune systems are a wonderland, Friends. And we may have been wrong about soap! Vaccines (and subsequently herd immunity) may be the Real MVP. Today we discuss how vaccines work in our own very un-doctory way and plug the crap out of the website.  Welcome to Season Two, Friends! Stuff We Mention Looking for more info on the… Read more →

Wrap Party

Have you learned a lot about yourself since you entered quarantine? We have too. This episode reflects on the 30 day podcast project and talk about our future plans. Spoiler Alert! From Quarantine will continue, but with a weekly format. Our new episodes will go live on Tuesdays. See you next week! Read more →